Mapzterr Map Generator

Have you ever needed to quickly search and locate several addresses in one map?

Would you like to enter those addresses just once and locate them all in one go?

Existing add-ins limit you with a small number of addresses to process?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then this add-in is for you.

Mapzterr Map Generator is an Excel Add-In that reads the contents of your document -no matter how many addresses there are- and marks them in a Google Map, as simple as that!

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  • Create a google map based on any number of entered addresses.
  • Two ways to create the map:
    • Clicking one button to create a sample table and editing (delete/modify/add addresses to it) the table to automatically refresh the map.
    • Entering addresses and processing them all together by just one click
  • Every located address is represented by a Marker in the map. Markers can be customized to display any Title and Content.
  • Persist the map when you save the document.

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